About Us

BURYIT LLC is a web design and development company based in Springfield, Oregon specializing in the design and development of custom websites and web applications for small businesses. We understand the challenges of launching a new business or venture and aim to simplify the technological aspects so you can focus on what matters most, building and operating your business.

We've got your back

Most of our work comes from client referrals so naturally customer service is extremely important to us. We'll gladly answer your questions, address your concerns, and won't charge you for information and advice.

About The Owner

Matthew Marksbury, owner and founder of BURYIT LLC in Springfield, Oregon is a results driven full stack web development professional with over 15 years experience designing, developing, and implementing high performance scalable software solutions within a variety of industries including e-commerce, publishing, research, education, social networking, real-estate, and more.

His passion for technology and the web is evident in the enthusiasm and quality he brings to every project. Matthew's drive and entusiasm extends off the field into his family life where he is a dedicated husband and father.

A Few Words From Matthew

I've been building things on computers since I was a kid when my mom bought one of the first Apple computers for my brother and I to tinker with. We didn't have the web back then and things were much clunkier, but we figured out how to do things anyway, partly to prove that it could be done but mostly for the enjoyment and satisfaction of doing it.

While the technology has certainly changed since then, my attitude and determination to solve problems and figure things out has not. I approach each and every project with a can-do attitude and take personal responsibility for success.

Like every project I've ever worked on, each client and business is unique and that's why I make an effort to understand the goals and objectives of both the business and the project to ensure that what is ultimately built and delivered is able to fulfill its intent and produce tangible results that make a real impact on your business.